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Brea, California

Crime Scene Cleanup

Blood Cleanup by Eddie Evans


Homicide - Suicide - Unattended Death Decomposition Cleanup








Less than $1,000 for most blood and death cleanup tasks. All work guaranteed; price guaranteed in writing in email before work begins; licensed, bonded, insured. Call Eddie Evans now -- any time of day or night.






Brea crime scene cleanup cannot begin before police and corner's employees complete their investigation into questionable deaths. Whenever dramatic blood loss occurs in a residence or business, we must use universal precautions to remove biohazards. Biohazards consist of the following:


  • wet blood
  • moist blood
  • dry Flaky blood
  • Blood release from compressed items.


We cannot begin to remove biohazardous materials until law enforcement ends their tasks. This web page discusses crime scene cleanup in Brea. It relates to Orange County Corner's Department fraud against Brea families. Specifically, employees working for the Orange County Corner are known to send families to corrupt crime scene cleanup companies. I learned this over 10 years. I have verified this fact many times over. You too can verify it by going to Here's a graphic showing how crime scene cleanup works.


Here's information about blood cleanup following a human death by design, chance, or natural processes. I work at suicide cleanup, unattended death, human decomposition cleanup, and homicide cleanup.




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I accept insurance from residential and businesses for crime scene cleanup. Sometimes my price is lower than the deductible. Other crime scene cleanup companies have little ability to match my prices. Call me and ask why.



Blood cleanup following violent deaths takes patience and detailed cleaning. Brea blood cleanup of this sort requires skills, knowledge, and abilities gathered from various cleaning trades. Even painting and demolition work becomes part of a blood cleanup following violent deaths. Violent death cleanup may require the removal of carpet, carpet padding, furnishings, beds, bedding, and many other items. Of course many nonporous surfaces can be cleaned and disinfected. In fact it is my business to begin disinfecting as soon as I begin work.


Orange County Government Monopoly


Because Orange County, California has a government monopoly over crime scene cleanup some Brea families cannot afford professional blood cleanup help. This means that they cannot afford to have suicide cleanup, blood cleanup, unattended death cleanup or even a homicide cleanup. In such cases I'm open to answering questions at any hour any day. There's no charge to calling parties.


Some families do receive referrals to a non-profit organization from county employees. In these cases the non-profit refers families to a crime scene cleanup company friendly to the county employee; in return the county employee receives a finder's fee; make no mistake, there's little money in these referrals. But they do keep the independent crime scene cleanup companies out of Orange County.


Blood Cleanup by Families


Be alert that some Brea law enforcement officers and those involved in county and city government are confused. They believe that families cannot cleanup blood in their own homes. They were instructed to say so. Other's say so to collect a 10% finder's fee from blood cleanup companies.


Unlike them, I do not claim that a professional blood cleanup company, a professional crime scene cleanup company must do blood cleanup in a family's home. I have never read or heard that a family is not entitled to clean up blood after a loved one. What I have heard is that all human blood may be infected by bloodborne pathogens. In these cases persons involved in crime scene cleanup must take extra steps to ensure their health and safety and that of others.


Visit for more information.


Taxing Victimized Families


Some people might believe that Orange County, California's government monopoly over crime scene cleanup amounts to an additional tax. But, these additional taxes are only levied against families who suffered a homicide or other bloody death in their home. . Or its levied against families who suffered a suicide or unattended death in a home. And then to top it off, at times they must do the cleaning because they cannot afford monopoly prices. That's where I come in. I work as a consumer advocate for families first victimized by violent death and then victimized by their very own county government employees.


Blood Cleanup Recommendation


For those families that must do blood cleanup in their home I recommend that they disinfect the area using a solution of bleach and water. Let it dry out if you have time. A garden sprayer will do the trick. It is important, though, to keep your solution under control. You do not want to add so much fluid from your sprayer solution that you begin to have runoff.


Buy a dozen roles of paper towels from Brea's Home Depot or another hardware store. These allow you to create little dams around the area to be cleaned. You can use a common house broom to agitate towels and bleach and water solution. Use Simple Green, Pine-Sol, or another household cleaning solutions. Revert back to bleach if needed. Odors will indicate how much beach to use. The important thing is to stay away from the blood. Do not allow blood flow. Use paper towels were you must. If you have bath towels that you're willing to sacrifice for this cleanup, fine. Do so. Wash towels in hot water using bleach and laundry detergent. Hospitals do. Here's a picture of an extension pole with a brush.

It's helpful to have an extension pole that allows you to use a nylon scrub brush. Nylon is helpful because you can easily disinfect it in a toilet with bleach and water. You can exchange the nylon brush for another tool to use on the end of your extension pole. You can use your extension pole to push and pull a towel through your cleaning solution. You will use good rubber or latex gloves. Pick up material with your extension pole or by reversing a trash bag. Pull your material into the bag.


What Your Do


As a rule you are basically using bleach and water to disinfect as you work. You are controlling the flow of fluid. You are scrubbing and rinsing. You are soaking up fluid with paper towels. You can remove paper towels from the floor by using a flat shovel nose tool or a large metal dustpan. You are placing your paper towels inside a heavy-duty trash bag from Home Depot that you pay over 16 dollars for 50 bags. You will have triple bagged your blood soiled paper towels. You will pour straight bleach into your paper towels. This will kill the germs in general. Will also reduce of not eliminate odors from the blood soiled paper towels. Given time these towels will dry out.


Another way to remove this solution from your floor is to use a wet dry vac. It is important to ensure that your vacuum is sucking solution. Some wet dry vac's will allow you to mistakenly discharge its contents. Ensure this does not happen to you. This solution pour directly down the toilet. This is probably the best place to discharge blood. Hospitals, dental offices, clinics, even mortuaries discharge blood down the toilet, otherwise known as the sanitary sewer. Ensure that your toilet works before pouring blood into it.


Like so many other cities in Orange County, California, Aliso Viejo has a population of under 50,000 people. The William Freund murder-suicide shocked this bedroom community in October 2005. William killed himself, but not before he had murdered two of his neighbors. This unstable 19-year-old was an alumnus of Viejo's only high school, Aliso Maggio. The murder victim's family then sued Williams parents for "wrongful death and emotional distress." We should not lose sight of murders occuring on California State University Fullerton's campus. In the 1970s a mass murder occurred.


Anaheim has a less distressful pose. It gained fame and fortune in the late 1950s when Disneyland opened. Disneyland provided the area with many low-paying jobs, but these jobs were important to a community in need of economic assistance. Meanwhile, Buena Park continued as a major tourist attract with its frontier them park rides an amusements. In orange grove community before it's jumpstart to growth fortune as Disneyland grew, Anaheim now has worldwide status as an entertainment capital.


Brea stands out in Orange County's history. With a prime oil reserve the small area served as an important resource for our nation's oil supply. Today Brea's bedroom community thrives while it hosts the Alpha Olinda Landfill at 1942.


Cypress stands out as this writer's home town and one of the least forthcoming when it comes to Orange County, California crime scene cleanup opportunities; I have a strong presence for Cypress crime scene cleanup on Google, but to no avail. I suppose the Cypress Police Department has some cronies on its payroll.


Dana Point point surely owes its fame to its beautiful breaches as does - Fountain Valley - Fullerton - Garden Grove -


Abusive persons become homicidal in the greatest percentage. La Habra - - Laguna Beach - Laguna Hills - Laguna Niguel - Laguna Woods - Lake Forest - Los Alamitos - Mission Viejo - Newport Beach crime scene cleanup activities increase in the spring and summer months as in other beach cities. - Placentia - Rancho Santa Margarita - San Clemente - San Juan Capistrano - - Seal Beach - Stanton - Tustin - Westminster - Yorba Linda - Coto de Caza - Cowan Heights - El- Modena - Emerald Bay - Ladera Ranch - Lemon Heights - Midway City - Modeska Canyon - Orange Park Acres - Rancho Mission Viejo - Red Hill - Rossmoor - Silverado Canyon - Sunset Beach -


Trabuco Canyon became the city of my last murder-suicide cleanup. This one sneaked through the public guardian's office when the deceant's mother came to me because of the arrogance of the pubic guardian employee. Tustin gained its name from Columbus Tusin. An important settler in this area, it now hosts over 69,000 people. Its elevation is 141 feet. At only 39 feet above sea level, Westminster has a 90,000 population. One travels down Beach Boulevard toward the ocean to reach Huntington Beach has a large percentage of suicides by men while Costa Mesa has the highest percentage of male suicides; Santa Ana has the largest female suicide rate. These occur among the latino population. Most surely Orange gained its name from its major citrus crop.



Villa Park, California has neighbors to its north, south, east, and west. The City of Orange and Anaheim Hills are adjacent to Villa Park. Incorporated in 1962, this small city has fewer than 6000 residents as of the year 2000 census. The only city smaller than Villa Park is the La Palma. Villa Park has nearly 2000 homes this small area of land has little room for anything else. Known for single-family residences it is a classic bedroom community. For public schools are found in this area including serrano and Villa Park elementary schools. The Orange County unified school District administers the schools.


La Palma shares a dubious shame with Irvine. On Sunday, Feb. 3, 2013, an assistant women's college basketball coach and her fiance are found shot to death in their car in Irvine, Calif. Dorner received blame for these ruthless Orange County murders. Now dead, but not before becoming a cop killer by murdering a San Bernardino Sheriff's Deputy. No crime scene cleanup followed Dorner's death. Here's a San Bernardino crime scene cleanup directory, which has much more information. As it happens, San Bernardino never enjoyed the natural resources so bountiful in Orange County, but it does have nice mountains.


Los Angeles County's oil riches played out as did Orange County oil. The City of Los Angeles has the highest crime scene cleanup rate in California. Will we find a relationship in crime?










More crime scene cleanup related to this Brea page will provided some helpful information about government corruption in crime scene cleanup, death cleanup.


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